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How enforced ‘respect’ misses the point

As Armistice Day draws to a close for another year, I wanted to share a couple of thoughts on what the day means to me and on the increasingly sensitive subject of how the fallen should be respected. Most people … Continue reading

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People who know me will know that I’m deeply interested in the religion/atheism debate. I haven’t blogged about it much before, largely out of fear that once I get started I’ll likely never stop. Anyway, I’m not going to pen … Continue reading

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Declining standards

I feel sorry for kids sometimes. When it comes to education, no matter what level you’re studying at and regardless of your achievements, young people can rest assured that it all counts for nothing as exams are too easy and … Continue reading

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Celebrity dross of the week

Fans of X-Factor judge Dannii ‘the-one-in-between-Cheryl-and-Louis’ Minogue were anxiously awaiting news of her condition after the star apparently cheated death in a ‘terrible’ ‘plane landing horror’ during which she ‘feared for her life’. The Australian press and celebrity news sites … Continue reading

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Pastor’s Qur’an bonfire goes out with a whimper

Over in the States Christian fruitcake Pastor Terry Jones has finally backed down over his plans to hold ‘International Burn a Qur’an Day’ on the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Quite how a rabble of rednecks and a … Continue reading

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You can’t help but think that Morrissey is subhuman

In what has come as a surprise to pretty much nobody, jaded rocker Morrissey drew fresh allegations of racism at the weekend by claiming that the Chinese are a ‘subspecies’. His comments, made in an interview with Simon Armitage in … Continue reading

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When is a joke not a joke?

I’m back on the Daily Mail today. I know I’ve been on at them a fair bit over the last couple of days, and I acknowledge that taking on the Daily Mail and its commenters is sometimes the intellectual equivalent … Continue reading

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