What’s the point?

What is the point? Good question. I’ve always loved questioning everything, and believe that a capacity for critical reasoning is one of the most important things a person can possess. So that’s what I do here; I ask questions, challenge things that I disagree with, and hopefully inspire a bit of independent, unconventional thinking. I don’t profess to be a fountain of knowledge on lots of things, but I do try to approach everything in an honest and objective way, and I hope this is reflected in my posts here.

Who are you!? What are you doing here!?

As some of the sharper readers may have guessed, catfishpond is not my real name. Who I really am is pretty irrelevant (you can interpret that whichever way you want), but suffice it to say you won’t attract much envy at dinner parties by claiming to know me. I speak Chinese and a bit of Vietnamese and may put up some posts in either language if there’s any call for it.

What do you love/hate?

I love: Debate (and more than occasionally playing devil’s advocate); literature (hit me up with any recommendations); languages (see above); football (significantly biased towards Aston Villa).

I hate: Deceit and ignorance (crimes of our times); intolerance and bigotry (there’s really no excuse for it these days); hypocrisy (don’t we all?); narrow-mindedness (it’s a big world out there – get to know it); snideness (why can’t we just be civil with each other?); the Daily Mail (see all of the above).

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