Celebrity dross of the week

Fans of X-Factor judge Dannii ‘the-one-in-between-Cheryl-and-Louis’ Minogue were anxiously awaiting news of her condition after the star apparently cheated death in a ‘terrible’ ‘plane landing horror’ during which she ‘feared for her life’. The Australian press and celebrity news sites have scrambled to report the ordeal:


The Australian

Adelaide Now/Daily Telegraph (Aus)

Here are the chilling details (aerophobic readers are advised to look away now):

Dannii Minogue was reportedly left shaken when a plane carrying her and son Ethan, had difficulty landing.

According to The Metro, the X Factor judge and her baby were flying to Cairns in Australia to film the Judges’ Houses stage of the show.

A friend of Dannii’s told the paper: “We had the most terrible landing. We were coming down to land and suddenly shot straight back up again.”

The source added: “There was too much cloud and the pilot could not see the runway. It was all very scary.”

Thankfully, the plane landed safely and Dannii is now back in her X Factor role for the first time since returning from maternity leave.

The story was bought to my attention by a pilot friend of mine, who was scratching his head as to how a missed approach, which is a fairly standard procedure in aviation, is now considered headline news. It’s not of course, until you throw in the special ingredient of a Z-list celebrity who just so happens to currently be featuring in a new series of a popular TV show.

Keep an eye out for this scoop being picked up on by the usual suspects in the UK over the next few days…

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